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Painting Your Cladding

To add a splash of colour to your existing cladding, treating it or painting it can be a great idea. It will really re-vamp the overall look of the wall or room in question, and can be quite easily done. It can also help the durability of your cladding and improve its overall performance too.

Be sure to prepare the wood first, and use the recommended primers and paints for the cladding material in question. If painting materials other than wood, be sure to contact a specialist who will be able to advise, and potentially carry out the work for you.

Choosing The Right Cladding Material

Once you have decided that you want to add cladding to your property, it’s really important you don’t take your eye off the ball when it comes to picking the material. UPVC, for example, is becoming increasingly popular with UK property owners, but has its drawbacks for some. Wood is also popular, but is less durable than some other modern composites and may be more expensive to install.

Fundamentally, it’s about understanding what you need from your cladding. Are you going for aesthetic appeal, or is it a purely practical installation? Any quality cladding specialist will be able to offer a range of options, as well as samples and mock-ups of the different types available.